🍞 The Sourdough Framework

The Sourdough Framework goes beyond just recipes and provides you a solid knowledge foundation, covering the science of sourdough, the basics of bread making, and advanced techniques for achieving the perfect sourdough bread at home.

Creating this book has been a labor of love. My main goal has always been to spread the joy of baking and empower bread enthusiasts like yourself. To ensure that the book remains accessible to everyone, I have decided to make it available as a free digital download.

One of my best Sourdough Breads

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You can either browse through this page or download the full book directly:

PDF: https://www.the-bread-code.io/book.pdf
PDF (no serif): https://www.the-bread-code.io/book-sans-serif.pdf

EPUB: https://www.the-bread-code.io/book.epub
EPUB in Black & White, size optimized for screen readers : https://www.the-bread-code.io/bw-book.epub

The full source code of the book can be found here: https://www.github.com/hendricius/the-sourdough-framework

There's also a hardcover version of the book available featuring an even more awesome design. You can read more information here: https://www.breadco.de/hardcover-book

Thank you and may the gluten be strong with you,

Version: July 12, 2024